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Artist Statement

I paint with a deep desire and a need to say what I know. My gift and developed skill is an ability to reach deeply into the inner core of another human being to make both truth and art. I have sculpted, thrown, etched, drawn and painted everything the eye can see. 

Artist Bio

Recognized museum artist Jackie Kirk is best known for her series, "The Face of AIDS," a one-woman show of 50 paintings (25 pairs) at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, CA, in 1991. The paintings, acrylic on rag board, are three by four feet framed in museum legat wood.

Jackie was born in 1929, and has shown in 5 major museums including archives in the Women's Museum in Washington DC and a One Woman show at the Duke Museum in Nort Carolina . She has spend a lieftime teaching, painting and drawing and at 86 is still thriving on her own and making art every day. 

Video on The Face of AIDS 1996 by Judith Selby Lang:



  • University of California at Davis, Minor in Social Science 1975

  • Dominican College, graduate work 1972

  • Sonoma State University, BA Art Major 1970; Teaching Credential 1971

  • University of Minnesota, AA 1949

  • College of the Pacific, 1948-1949



  • “The Face of AIDS,” one person show, California Palace of the Legion of Honor (Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator), San Francisco, CA - March 18 - June 19, 1991. Color catalogue.

  •  “World AIDS Day,” two paintings selected as the only art for display, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA - December 3, 1990

  •  “New Acquisitions,” Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, two paintings purchased for permanent collection and one painting donated by Dr. Roger Keyes, Curator - San Francisco, CA - 1991

  • “The Face of AIDS,” one person show, Duke University Museum of Art (Michael Mezzatesta, Curator), Durham, NC - 1996. Color catalogue

  • “The Arts in Healing,” The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH -1995. Color catalogue

  • The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, archives from1961 to 1999, Witness: The Artist’s Vision in “The Face of AIDS,” in public library; video of “Witness,”  - installed 1999



  • The Story of Bird (seeking a publisher), 1999

  • Witness: The Artist’s Vision in “The Face of AIDS", Pomegranate Artbooks, Oct 1996



  • Flow Fund Grant ($20,000) in support of The Face of AIDS Project - 1995

  • Individual Artist Grant from the Marin Arts Council - 1991

  • Purchase award from the San Francisco Art Commission of Juried Painting:“Flower Influenced Art Exhibit” - 1988

  • First place painting award, Ross Art Center Group Show - 1979

  • First place juried painting award and public painting award, San Leandro Art

  • Association, San Leandro, CA - 1961




  • “The Face of AIDS,” California Palace of the Legion of Honor (Curator, Robert Flynn Johnson) - San Francisco, CA - March 18 - June 19, 1991.

  • “World AIDS Day,” two paintings selected as the only art for display, California Palace of the Legion of Honor - San Francisco, CA - December 3, 1990

  • “World AIDS Day,” St. Patrick’s Church - Larkspur, CA - 1989

  • “Recent Work,” C.C.C. Gallery - Tiburon, CA - 1986

  • “Portraits of Susan” Cafe Nuvo Gallery - San Anselmo, CA - 1986

  • “Paintings of the Elderly,” National Institute of Health Conference, Bethesda, MD - 1984

  • “Recent Paintings,” Two Bird Gallery - Forest Knolls, CA - 1984

  • “Elderly Series,” Vallejo Ferry Gallery - Sausalito, CA - 1982

  • “Elderly Works,” The Darkroom Gallery - San Rafael, CA - 1982

  • “Recent Watercolor,” Around the Corner Gallery - Mill Valley, CA - 1979

  • “Vernesage,” Sally Salens Studio Gallery Sea Cliff - San Francisco, CA – 1978

  • “The Story of Bird,” Sightings Gallery, San Francisco, CA - January 1999

  • “Recent Works,” Emmie Smock Gallery, San Francisco, CA - 1997

  • “The Face of AIDS,” Duke University Museum of Art (Michael Mezzatesta, Curator), Durham, NC - 1996. Color catalogue

  • “Open Studio Exhibitions,” Marin Arts Council - 1996

  • “Three Series of Jackie Kirk,” Third Floor Gallery, California State University - Chico, CA 1993/1994

  • “Poetry Reading for National AIDS Day,” Invitational, Falkirk Cultural Museum, San Rafael, CA - 1993



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  • Marin County Women’s Hall of Fame, nominated by Judith Selby, Marin County, 1995, 1996

  • Eureka Fellowship, Nominated by Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA Jan 1993

  • MacArthur Fellowship, Nominated by George Leonard, author, Mill Valley, CA -January 1982



  • The Face of AIDS,” with Barbara Swift Brauer, John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley, CA - November 1997

  • “Triple Decker Collaboration,” with Judith Selby and Barbara Swift Brauer, Sight & Insight Gallery, Mill Valley, CA - Sept 1997

  • “The Face of AIDS,” with Barbara Swift Brauer, Duke University Museum of Art, Durham, NC - November 1996

  • Witness: The Artists Vision in “The Face of AIDS,” with Barbara Swift Brauer, Slide Lecture and Book Signing

  • Arts and Healing Network, Sausalito, CA - December 1996

  • Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA - December 1996

  • Capitola Books, Capitola, CA - November 1996

  • A Different Light Bookstore, San Francisco, CA - October 1996

  • Oliver’s Books, San Anselmo, CA - October 1996

  • “The Face of AIDS,” for “Expanding the Focus of Health Care,” Annual Conference, Society for the Arts in Health Care, Marin General Hospital,Greenbrae, CA - October 1994

  • “Face of AIDS and the Portrait Artist” - Florence Gould Theater at California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA - April 20, 1991

  • “Face of AIDS and Elderly Portraits,” with Robert Flynn Johnson, Curator, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, for physicians, Kaiser Hospital, Hayward, CA - April 11, 1991

  • “Art for AIDS,” Seminar Group Slide Lecture, Theatre Artaud, San Francisco, CA - February 10, 1990

  • “Seminar: The Art Spirit,” Slide Lecture, U.C. Santa Cruz at Palo Alto, CA - July 21, 1989

  • Lecture Slide Show of Recent Work, The Art Institute, San Francisco, CA – April 1989

  • Lister Hill Department of Education, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD - 1983-1984

  • Artist in Residence Program: Art For Teaching Staff, Loma Verde School, Novato, CA - 1982

  • Fairfax School District - Fairfax, CA - 1982

  • “Youth in Arts” Marin County Schools - Terra Linda, CA - 1982

  • Teacher Learning Center, Marin County Schools - Terra Linda, CA - 1982

  • “Professional Training Program,” Marin County Schools, Corte Madera, CA - 1966



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